The Golaghati Welfare Society is always trying to concentrate on five basic sectoral development areas as mentioned below:

(a) Education Programmes

(b) Health Programmes

(c) Environment Programmes

(d) Livelihood Development Programmes. And

(e) Sports and Cultural Programmes.

All the above stated development interventions of the Golaghati Welfare Society are being organized utilizing the society as a common development platform to collect subscriptions, contributions, donations and special donations from the community and spend for the welfare and development of the community.

The education programme covers namely to support poor & needy children, interested youths for undergo some technical activities like: Bee-Keeping, mobilize repairing, computer training etc. Besides, it also organized awareness generation to educate the common people on some basic and critical diseases their preventions etc, which also leads it towards organizing various health related activities inclusive of awareness generation on HIV/AIDS and on Tuberculosis Awareness.

The environment programmes covers the areas like making the surrounding environment for ling benefits of the community inclusive of preventive measure to be taken up for saving the environment and maintaining proper bio-diversity that is helpful for the living of human and animal race on the earth.

The present livelihood programmes of the society cover mainly the income generation activities inclusive of skill training, design development, quality finishing and marketing of finished products to provide a reasonable price to its producer for the better livings. The society covers the practitioners of the livelihoods development activities based on the individual, 2-3 persons group and self-help groups to utilize peer pressures for their true upliftment. It also trying its best to lead it towards community level for organizing bulk production and organized or planned production and marketing of products to get a regular kind of income from their invest like time, space, skill, investment on raw materials to produce and marketing of finished products to its purchasers.

Legal Awareness Programme

The organization has been creating legal awareness among women for a very long time. Women are victims of various atrocities. Very often this happens because they are not aware of their rights given to them under various laws.

Not only this but also the organization made a strong and good relation between police and general public by organizing programme on Police Public Interface for Crime Prevention.

These programmes has been organized at different districts of Tripura.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Campaign

The objective of the programme was to create awareness among people to provide sanitation facilities to every family, including toilets, solid and liquid waste disposal systems, village cleanliness, and safe and adequate drinking water supply. A large number of people including women and children participated in the event to make it popularize among community.

Campaign against Child Marriage & Women Empowerment

Under the campaign, the organization worked with adolescent boys and girls to sensitise them about the importance of girls’ education, the risk of teenage pregnancy and the benefits of waiting to get married. Not only are these the groups the ones at risk of child marriage, they are also better at directly spreading the message about the dangers of child marriage to their friends and peer groups. Such programmes can successfully build girls’ self-confidence, agency and self-efficacy, which they need to thrive.

Campaign for Deworming among Children

The organization launched a massive campaign on Deworming. The campaign was done through drum beating at 60 different places in Sepahijala district.

These parasites consume nutrients from children they infect, thus retarding their physical development. They destroy tissues and organs, cause abdominal pain, diarrhoea, intestinal obstruction, anaemia, ulcers and other health problems. All of these consequences of infection can slow cognitive development and thus impair learning. De-worming school children by anthelmintic drug treatment is a curative approach for expelling the heavy worm load.

Street Plays on HIV/AIDS

The programme also focused on easy accessibility and acceptability of condoms as many people living without their families frequently visit sex workers. Information was also given to them in the field of safe sex. Efforts were made that maximum people among the target groups are tested for HIV. With the help of peer groups, people were advised to get them tested for STD/HIV and undergo treatment. At the same time, serious efforts were made through better awareness and counseling to create an atmosphere in which the chances of risk behavior are considerably reduced and community support is enhanced in preventive actions.


Distribution of Vitamin A, Albendazole and Multi Vitamin among Women and Children

 The organization carried out a mass distribution campaign of Vitamin A supplementation for children and multivitamins for pregnant/lactating women. A large number of beneficiaries both children and pregnant/lactating women were selected during the distribution campaign. The campaign also helped to improved and sustain the health of the children as well as their mothers in general and to ensure access to health education and promotion in future. The vitamins were donated by Vitamin Angel in its effort to eliminate death and fight against diseases associated to micronutrients deficiency especially Vitamin A deficiency among neonates, infants and children.

Computer/IT Training

The organization organized computer training programme for uneducated youth collected from different villages. After training somany youth got the way to get success for their life.

Training Centers for imparting various technical training centers on computer, mobile repairing etc. for the needy interested persons desired to acquire skills to take it as their profession.

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